About Us

Who We Are & What We Do

At Rocket Powered we put our heart and soul into everything we create. Centered around core values and beliefs, we aim to provide the best service possible for our customers.

About Us

We help small and medium sized business to grow and reach their potential, by adding our own secret ingredient – Rocket Fuel!


elcome to Rocket Powered. We are a digital marketing company, providing a variety of services to small and medium sized business throughout the UK. It is our goal to help your business grow and reach it’s potential.

Rocket Powered was acquired in 2014 and reborn to provide a great service with three core beliefs at the heart of the business. These are:

  1. To provide an outstanding & unrivalled level of customer service
  2. To provide full transparency on marketing performance through innovative reporting
  3. To become the marketing partner for your business

At Rocket Powered, our mission is to be the best at what we do. We have the core technical knowledge which a lot of digital marketing companies lack, giving us a greater understanding.

What fuels us at Rocket Powered is the thirst for continual improvement and success. We are big believers in new technology and this in conjunction with our passion, brings us to the forefront of our industry using the latest technology and the latest techniques.

It is because of this, we cannot claim that our skill levels are 100%. No matter what, we always find a way to improve any aspect of our work.

Our Skills

Website Design
Graphic Design
Search Engine Optimisation
Video Production

Our Core Values

As well as our core beliefs, we have our core values!


As a digital marketing company, it is crucial for us that our clients are making a profit on their investment.


We love our work and because of this, we put 100% of our passion into it!


By becoming your digital marketing partner, we build a clear strategy for success at the start of any project.


It’s important to us to work on our projects in an efficient manner. We do this by using the latest programming technologies.


Respect is at the very heart of our business. Not only do we respect everybody, but we also respect our work.


Without evolution, it is impossible to grow. We believe it is important to constantly evolve and change with the times.